Submersible Waterproof Stepper Motors, AC Motors , Resolvers

The use of electrical motors in and around water presents a complex set of challenges to the equipment user, systems designer and to the equipment supplier. Standard or commercial motors are typically designed for low cost, high volume manufacturing as a result they are typically not suitable for use in wet areas.

Empire Magnetics has designed a series of products specifically intended to meet the requirements of certain applications. Stainless steel housed waterproof stepper motors and A.C. induction motors provide corrosion resistance, and easy to clean features. The stainless steel packages are useful in nuclear reactor applications, while the Waterproof A.C. motors are frequently found in the food processing industry.

For submersion and deep sea applications the addition of pressure compensation devices allow the equipment to be used in applications that are particularly inhospitable.

The stainless waterproof packages provide flexibility to add gearboxes, feedback resolvers and other features to the mechanical assemblies, the ability to accommodate designers needs makes them the first choice for new product developments.

Custom products available:

Empire Magnetics Inc. can provide the following items on a custom basis, stainless steel brushless DC motors with resolver feedback, assemblies of motors and gearboxes, assemblies of motors and resolvers, assemblies of brushless motors and propellers as thruster motors, assemblies in hermetically sealed vessels.

Waterproof AC Induction Motors

The WD series of stainless steel house AC waterproof induction motors have been designed for use in applications where they will be subjected to frequent wetting or washdown. Since these waterproof motors are equipped with cooling fans, modifications are required for applications when the waterproof motors will be submerged.

Submersible versions of the waterproof motors are oil filled and pressure compensated, they are provided without cooling fans. In a fully submerged situation the water can be relied upon for motor cooling.

The most difficult application is when the motor will normally be used in air, but occasionally will be submerged. If the cooling fan is installed for use in air, then it will act as a pump when in water. This pumping action will overload the motor unless it is significantly oversized for the application. On the other hand, if the motor is provided without a fan, then it must be significantly oversized to allow for the heating when it is not being cooled by water.

Waterproof Stepper Motors

Waterproof Stepper Motors

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  • Integrated design and solution
  • Highly Corrosion Resistant
  • Integral Housing Seals
  • Double Sealed Cable Entry
  • Oil Filled Motor
  • Mounting Face Gasket
  • "Leak Insurance"

Typical Applications:

  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Machine Tools
  • Marine Submersion
  • Paper Making
  • Film Processing
  • Chemical Manufacturing