For the US Navy and Marines, we supplied weatherproof motor gearbox assemblies that are used on the jet engine test stands in support of the SETI Helicopter program. These test units are deployed both on bases and aircraft carriers. Stock Number: 4920-01-573-8712

For the US Naval Lab and Undersea Warfare Center, we have provided an array of motors, motor gearboxes, motor resolvers and other equipment that is deployed in Rhode Island, Maryland, Indiana, and California. Some units were tested at 5000 PSI.

For the US Naval Observatory we supplied weather proof motors for the installation at Mauna Kea. For the Subaru telescope we provided cryogenic vacuum motors. For the Lick and Lowell observatories we provide an array of vacuum motors. In addition many of the motors on the Binocular telescope built at the University of Az. were supplied by Empire Magnetics Inc.

Naval refueling center: We designed and built motor assemblies that are incorporated into the process equipment. National Stock Number: 6105-01-580-1517

US Naval Labs Rhode Island NUSWC in Indianapolis, China Lake and Annapolis MD: The test facilities there are equipped with Empire Magnetics waterproof submersible motors:

waterproof submersible motors

For the U.S. Army, we provided waterproof motor assemblies to support testing under the arctic ice.

waterproof submersible motors

Nuclear fuel processing for U.S. Submarines:

For A munitions plant, we build motor assemblies used to spray paint the labels on hand grenades

We provided motors for the disposal of chemical weapons.

U.S. Munitions

Filiment winding of rocket components, the adhesives are volatile:

U.S. Munitions Jet engine test stands: For the US Navy helicopter program SETI, support systems were built by EADS North America, A key component of these test systems are sealed motor assemblies supplied by Empire Magnetics Inc. These units are deployed on Aircraft Carriers in support of our troops.

waterproof submersible motors

After the space shuttle crashed due to O-rings,   Empire Magnetics Inc was  contracted by Morton Thiokol  to build a test rig that would test the O rings on the launch pad.

waterproof submersible motors
U.S. Navy


USAF: Wright Patterson AFB and Eglin AFB use Empire Magnetics Cryo-Vac motors and resolvers for dark field instruments.

To support research of high speed bearings operating in vacuum, Empire Magnetics Inc designed and built a unique bearing test unit. Using a magnetic gear arrangement the test speed was increased to approximately 18,000 RPM, but allowed rapid exchange of the bearings undergoing test.

Some of the directed energy beam research is supported by Empire supplied motors aboard research aircraft supported by NASA

NASA: Weather balloons launched from the South Pole carry Empire Magnetics motors. At the base more motors are installed supported by the University of Wisconsin

National Labs Beam lines:

Stanford Linear Accelerator: Empire Magnetics Motors are used to adjust the magnets on the wiggler assembly.

Jefferson Labs, Cryo Vacuum motors are deployed

LANL: Significant numbers of custom motors have been deployed

Argonne National Lab: Combination of vacuum and radiation hardened motors have been installed.

Brookhaven National Labs: Radiation hardened motors support their research.

INL, Waterproof motors are deployed on the ultrasound inspection systems.

LLNL, Combination vacuum and radiation resistant motors are deployed in the National Ignition Facility.

Australian Nuclear Science Organization, Several of the instruments at the Bragg Institute incorporate motor assemblies provided by Empire Magnetics.