Waterproof AC Induction Motors

The WD series of stainless steel house AC induction motors have been designed for use in application where they will be subjected to frequent wetting or washdown. Since these motors are equipped with cooling fans, modifications are required for applications when the motors will be submerged.

Submersible versions of the motors are oil filled and pressure compensated, they are provided without cooling fans. In a fully submerged situation the water can be relied upon for motor cooling.

The most difficult application is when the motor will normally be used in air, but occasionally will be submerged. If the cooling fan is installed for use in air, then it will act as a pump when in water. This pumping action will overload the motor unless it is significanly oversized for the application. On the other hand, if the motor is provided without a fan, then it must be significantly oversized to allow for the heating when it is not being cooled by water.