Radiation Hardened Products

High energy gamma radiation will attack all of the materials in a device, however the non-metallic materials in a motor or resolver are subject to more rapid breakdown. Lubricants, varnish, adhesives, insulations, and cables deteriorate and ultimately crumble. Empire Magnetics radiation hardened stepper motors, motors and resolvers (RH-) combine the best available radiation resistant materials with practical commercial practices to provide products with the longest possible service life within pragmatic budgetary considerations.

The standard RH series products are rated for 2 x 108 Rads, total accumulated dose of Gamma radiation. However on a custom basis, products can be provided with life in excess of 1 x 109 Rads, TAD. Several of these products were tested in a hot cell, all of the supplied products exceeded requirements. (For details see frequently asked questions (FAQ) at the bottom of this page)

Radiation hardened include stepper motors, resolvers, brushless motors, gearboxes, brakes. On a custom basis AC motors, assemblies of various types and complete systems can be provided.

Note: Waterproof and Radiation Hardened products have been developed for specific applications. This combination requires a compromise of radiation resistance or a significant design change.