Our fixed pricing is based on the assumption of specific motor models and that a motor is repairable. Upon receipt, Empire Magnetics will attempt to repair the motor for the stated price. If it cannot be repaired, there will be no handling charge and EMI will keep the old motor parts to compensate for the effort of diagnosis. Empire Magnetics will notify the customer by telephone within two weeks of receipt if a unit is not repairable. If a request for return is not provided by the customer within two weeks of notification, non-repairable motors become the property of Empire Magnetics.

Empire Magnetics, Inc. reserves the right to supply the customer with a refurbished replacement motor in lieu of repairing the specific motor returned to the factory.

In most cases it is necessary to actually repair a motor to be certain it is repairable. We economize by repairing motors in batches rather than repairing each motor as it is returned to us.

Due to this procedure, listed repair prices do not include a failure analysis or even a failure report. To repair motors in batches requires a different level of expertise than it does to carefully document everything observed and provide expert failure analysis.


There is an extra charge for a failure analysis/failure report. Because most of the evidence required to specify the mode of failure will be destroyed when the motor is dismantled, EMI needs to know BEFORE repair procedures begin that records are to be kept. Therefore, a failure analysis report MUST BE requested at the time the order is placed.

To keep customer communications to a minimum and the repair costs reasonable, EMI's policy must be: "No Purchase Order - No work!"

Direct customer prices for repairs are: C.O.D., freight collect.

Generally, repairs can be completed in two to three weeks. If a customer cannot wait, Empire Magnetics offers a "3-day turn-around" service at a premium.

Our repairs are intended to provide the customer with a functional motor, not a new one. Repaired motors may include new, used or refurbished motor parts. In some cases a customer will receive substitute motors from our inventory of refurbished units.

Repaired motors are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 90 days after factory shipment.


Repaired and refurbished motors are warranted for a period of 90 days.