Minimum Temp of HT Series Products

HT-U11 -10 C
HT-U17-1 0 C
HT-U17-2 0 C
HT-U21 -10 C
HT-U22 0 C
HT-U23 0 C
HT-U31 -10 C
HT-U32 0 C
HT-U33 0 C
HT-U41 -20 C
HT-U42 -10 C
HT-U43 0 C
HM-U11 -40 C
HM-U21 -40 C
HM-U22 -30 C
HM-U23 -20 C
HM-U31 -40 C
HM-U32 -30 C
HM-U33 -20 C
HM-U41 -40 C
HM-U42 -30 C
HM-U43 -20 C

The chart on the right represents the lowest operating temperature for each size of HT and HM series motor.

Maximum winding temperature for all products is 155 degrees C.

Carefull monitoring and control of temperature on all products that will exceed 100 deg C is required.

Case temperature is typically 20-30 degrees lower than the winding temperature.

Operation of a motor outside of the minimum or maximum temperature range will result in damage to the motor and/or a voided warranty