Industrial Grade (-IN) Brushless Motors R30 Series
(Motor models : R32, R33, R34, R35)

Wiring Diagram (5.5 KB)
CableWire sizeConductor diameter (Inches)
MotorAWG 140.0682
Cable information:  Motors are supplied with lead wires, not cables. While radiation resistant cables can be obtained there is a mill run purchase requirement on three different cable types.
Empire Magnetics
Part number
(Motor cable)
Four conductors of 14 AWG, nominal cable OD .365 inches, Tinned copper, Teflon insulated, conductors cabled. Foil aluminum-polyester, shield with 85% tinned copper braid shield. Teflon jacket, Red tint. 300V.NEC 760. Listed for use in an air plenum nonconduit.