Resolver Specifications

Model Description Resolver provided with R Series Motors
Available Environment Options All
Drawing Number C/F
Compatible Motor R-series
Excitation 4VRMS, 5kHz
Transformation Ratio 0.5 ± 5%
Output Voltage (VRMS) (VRMS): 2 ± 5%
Impedance  ZSO  210 + j470
Impedance ZSS 200+ j420
Impedance ZRO 120 + j220
Impedance ZRS 105 + j220
Rotor DC Resistance (Ohms) 30 ± 15%
Stator DC Resistance (Ohms) 30 ± 15%
Null Voltage (mVRMS) 25
Phase Shift at 25 degrees C (degrees) -6.0
Change With Temperature (degrees/degrees C) 0.12
Maximum Error (+/- arc min) ±7
Operating Temperature Range (degrees C) for IN-, DP-, AD-, VC-, WP-, PT- environments -55 to +125
Operating Temperature Range (degrees C) for VS-, WPRH-environments -20 to +155
Operating Temperature Range (degrees C) for HT-, RH-, VX-environments -40 to +155
Operating Temperature Range (degrees C) for CYVX- environment -250 to +155
Shock N/A
Vibration N/A





  • Long cable runs supported, up to 500 ft.
  • Rugged construction, protected mounting
  • Good electrical noise immunity--twisted shielded pair cabling
  • Compatible--connects easily to -RDE resolver-to encoder converter

Feedback Devices

Industrial working environments can be hard on position feedback transducers. Incremental rotary encoders are simple and cost effective in many motion control applications. However, encoders fail under extreme conditions such as high temperature, vacuum, radiation, or shock and vibration.

Brushless Resolvers Survive

Empire Magnetics makes resolver technology easy to apply with rugged motor-mounted resolvers and an easy to use resolver-to-encoder conversion module. Brushless resolvers and available with all Empire Magnetics motor products, providing shaft position information under harsh conditions.

The R series brushless motors, sizes R3x, R4x, R6x and R8x are provided with the 21 size resolver. Other Empire products may have resolvers with different electrical specifications.