News Release: 20 May 2003 

ROHNERT PARK, CA. -- Empire Magnetics Inc., in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), is working with scientists of the Makeyev State Rocket Center (MSRC) to convert the efforts of 30,000 staff members from development of weapons of mass destruction to peaceful and sustainable commercial enterprises. The collaboration is part of the U.S. Department of Energy's Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention (IPP) program. 

In July 2002 Dr. Richard McClellan and Richard Halstead, are believed to be the first non-governmental Americans to visit the formerly secret city of Miass, since the fall of the USSR.  

Entering and departing Yekaterinburg (Formerly Sverdlovsk) Russia using visas where the photographs of the two Richards exchanged by the Russian consulate in San Francisco required extraordinary cooperation on the part of the Russian immigration officials. 

A visit by the MSRC project directors to LBNL is planned for early June.  In an historic first, the IPP program has obtained permission from the Russian government and U.S. State Department for three top scientists with access to secret projects, from a center that designs and develops submarine based ICBM’s, to travel to the United States. 

Allowing MSRC scientists to avoid multiple trips to the US Embassy 1700 miles away in Moscow, required extra effort by the consular officials at the US Consulate in Yekaterinburg, to process the two kilograms of forms for each applicant’s visa.  

Current plans have Vladimir Krivospitskij PhD, Jurij Grahov PhD, and Vasilij Maksimov PhD arriving in San Francisco on the 8th of June 2003 for eight days of meeting and tours.  The specific purpose of the lab meetings is to expedite the development of vertical axis windmills for mass production.  However with such a large pool of scientific and engineering talent at MSRC, additional opportunities for peaceful commerce are needed, interested parties should contact Empire Magnetics Inc. to arrange meetings.   

Vladimir Krivospitskij a former Olympian, heads up the MSRC efforts in Miass. Approximately twenty scientists, and a larger group of engineers & technicians support him. With the expectation that this project will expand to include many more of the 4000+ PhD’s at the MSRC, a private corporation has been formed for the specific purpose of moving these scientists off government payrolls. 

A private Russian company, Uralmet Scientific Institute is acting as the liaison between the Russian government and private industry.  

On the American side, Daryl Oshatz of the Engineering Division at LBNL is leading the IPP project, while Dr. Glen Dahlbacca is the IPP program director. Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey’s has been briefed on the project.  

Empire Magnetics Inc, as the supplier of alternators for the windmills, is currently the focal point for private US business activity in this undertaking.  Intent upon locating partners and venture funding to support rapid growth, Dr. McClellan is acting as CEO of soon to be formed umbrella organization named Wind-sail.