Jet engine test stands

When engineers at Pratt and Whitney, required motors for engine testing they turned to Empire Magnetics Inc. to meet the demanding requirements.


Empire Magnetics motor

Jet Engine Test Stands

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Gas turbine throttle controls, power generation

When the engineers at ETSI,   (now a division of ABB),  were challenged o provide control systems for the gas turbines used by  PSEG  for electrical generation,  they  selected Empire Magnetics Inc.   And for a number of years everything was fine,  however no one considered what would happen when hurricane Sandy  would submerge these power units.   Attached photos are proof that sea water and standard motors are not a good combination.   We are pleased to report that all the damaged units have been replaced and the turbines are back in action.


Empire Magnetics motor

Jet Engine Test Stands

Empire Magnetics motor


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Rocket engine valve actuators

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Aircraft mounted laser systems

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Motors that could survive in space were needed.



Aerospace Motor