Frequently Asked Questions

About Empire Magnetics

Empire products are sold via non exclusive representatives, value added resellers, and distributors. Currently there are more than 100 distributors around the globe. Specific requirements apply to each classification, if your company meets these requirements feel free to contact the sales manager. More information:


Sales Organization

Empire Magnetics Inc. sells products via an international sales network. Sales organizations include Distributors, Value added resellers and Manufacture’s representatives. Currently we have sales representation more than 50 countries. With more than 1500 sales representatives world wide, chances are excellent that you will have local support for our products. For those who wish to become a part of our sales network, here is our policy guide.

Authorized Distributors


An authorized distributor has the following characteristics

1. A signed distribution contract on file at E.M.I.

2.An excellent credit record.

3. Aggregate sales exceeding $25,000 over the last 12 months or, in EMI’s estimation, visible potential to generate this sales volume in the near term.

4. A sizable sales force actively promoting and selling E.M.I. product lines.

5. A history of participation in joint promotional programs.

6. A willingness to commit to sales growth targets for E.M.I. products, establish a sales plan and act to implement that plan.

In all cases, E.M.I. reserves the right to determine, based on these and other factors, if an organization will be authorized as a distributor.

Authorized Distributors enjoy preferential treatment with respect to customer referrals, leads and discounts. This is done in recognition of the efforts and investments made in Empire Magnetics’ sales developments.

A. Authorized Distributors will receive the full distributor discount as defined in the distributor contract.
B. Joint marketing efforts, trade show support, newsletter sponsorship programs and advertising will favor Authorized Distributors.
C. For accounts where the terms of the distributor agreement are not appropriate, Authorized Distributors will be allowed to act as non-exclusive manufacturer’s representatives.
D. With noted exceptions (repairs, engineering projects, products not listed on the price lists), E.M.I. will refer orders of less than $10,000 value to the Authorized Distributor. When the factory develops an account without distributor participation and when the value of the account is greater than $10,000 Empire Magnetics, Inc. may elect to take the sale on a direct basis.

Authorized Distributor Policies


Select representatives which bring unique value to the sales situation are authorized for accounts, products or territories. Rep contracts are handled individually.

Value Added Retailers (V.A.R.s)

1. In the business of selling motion control products with a sales force actively promoting those products.
2. Have supporting product lines, including drives and controls.
3. Are established organizations with good credit ratings.
4. Have limited sales in E.M.I. products with a sporadic sales history.
5. Have limited investment in promotion of E.M.I. products.
6. Typical E.M.I. sales involves a single customer who has an immediate need for an E.M.I. product.

NOTE: The V.A.R. classification is created for established sales organizations. It is not intended as a discount instrument for product users, machine builders or others.

An Authorized V.A.R. organization will be eligible for a V.A.R. discount from list prices.

Over time, some of the sales organizations in the V.A.R. group are expected to become Authorized Distributors. Empire Magnetics, Inc. will assist promising candidates or those with limited markets by supplying leads, provided this does not conflict with established Authorized Distributors. In all cases E.M.I. reserves the right to determine eligibility for assistance.

In territories having only V.A.R. representation, Empire Magnetics, Inc. may choose to refer business to the local V.A.R. or handle business on a direct basis depending on the level of V.A.R. participation.

If a V.A.R. identifies a specific sale as one it has been actively working on, Empire Magnetics, Inc. will make good faith efforts to refer the identified business back to the V.A.R. who has registered the information. This does not constitute a legal obligation to do so.

In brief, E.M.I. wishes to reward active sales agents for their efforts but does not feel obliged to provide discounts when no effort was expended.