Wiring Diagram 1(2.6 KB)   Wiring Diagram 2(1.8 KB)
Standard Configuration is 8 Individual Lead Wires
Minimum 12 inches in Length
Motor modelWire sizeWire diameter (Inches)
Cable information: Motors are supplied with Connectors. Cables are not included, optional cables are available on request.When optional cables are ordered on these motors, an 8 lead cable is provided.
Empire Magnetics Part number 00-0510-0056 eight conductors of 18 AWG, UL3266 wires with .015" cross linked polyethylene rated 125Cin red, black, green, white, yellow, blue, orange, brown, planetary cabled with aluminum/mylar shield plus drain wire - nominal OD .405. Jacket is grey polyurethane with Empire Magnetics Inc. and this part number printed on it.