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2.1. MACHINE OVERVIEW The experimental system consists of a motion subsystem, a real-time control subsystem, and extrusion devices. A photograph of the overall system is shown in Fig. 2.1a. The system contains three linear axes Daedal 404 XR (Parker Hannifin, Rohnert Park, CA) driven by three stepper motors (Empire Magnetics, Rohnert Park, CA) and is able to print up to three different materials. In this research, a single extruder is used to extrude aqueous alumina paste. The paste is extruded onto a substrate that moves along the x and y axes. After deposition, the paste is dried via a hot plate, as shown in Fig. 2.1c, or solidifies in a freezing environment, as shown in Fig. 2.1b. When the fabrication of one layer is completed, the gantry moves up by the thickness of one layer. These processing steps are repeated until the entire part is formed.

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