Calex Manufacturing

DC/DC Converters, AC/DC Power Supplies, Strain Gage & Load Cell Signal Conditioners, I/O Modules for PLC's, Thermocouple Amplifiers, Instrumentation, Amplifiers, Voltsensors/Alarms.

California Regional Directory
Official state government site provides information and links for virtually every aspect of the state, including business and agriculture, education, government, health, history, culture and transportation.

A division of Parker Hannifin Corporation Manufacturing Brushless Servo Systems, Stepper and MicroStepping Systems, Linear Motors, Standalone and Computer Compatible Indexers, Stepper Systems and Controllers for Servo systems. For High Volume Applications Servo Motors, Amplifiers, Controllers, Microstepping Drives and Indexers are Available.


A division of Parker Hannifin Corporation Manufacturing Ball & Cross Roller Slides and Stages; Miniature Slides & Stages; Ball Bearing, Square Rail & Cross Roller Motorized Tables; Optical Components & Accessories; Most Models Available in Hard Metric Design; For Special Requirements Standard Products can be Modified.

Danfoss Electronic Drives

A division of Danfoss Inc. manufacturing. Adjustable Speed Drives for AC and DC Motor Control.  The VLT® 5000 series of AC drives offers control from 1 to 600CT/VT Horsepower.  The VLT®3500 series is designed for variable torque applications from 1 to 300 Horsepower.  The VLT® 2000 Pack offers high speed response for Packaging Applications from 1/2 to 5 Horsepower.

Eason Technology

Manufactures Operator Interfaces, Machine Control Work Stations, Industrial Computers, MMI and Soft Logic Software, Factory Automation and Process Control Applications. Custom Configurations Available.

Lucas Ledex

Solenoids and Smart Actuators including: Rotary, Linear, Tubular, Magnetic Latching, Open Frame and Push/Pull. Incremental and Absolute Rotary Encoders.

Lucas Schaevitz

Sensors for Linear Position, LVDT and Magnetorestrictive; Rotary Position; Dimensional Gaging and Data Acquisition; Slope/Tilt; Pressure using LVDT and Strain Gage Designs.

North Bay World Trade Association
The North Bay World Trade Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and increasing international trade in the North Bay and Redwood Empire regions. Recognizing that commerce is conducted on a global scale, the Association seeks to enhance the opportunities and knowledge of its members as they conduct business abroad."
Pro-Log Corporation

Computers using Intel 80X86 and Pentium Processors for the Compact PCT, PCI, ISA and STD Platforms. Custom Solutions Available as well as Turnkey Manufacturing Services for your Product Designs.

Scientific Technologies Inc. (STI)

A Diversified Manufacturer of Automation and Safety Equipment including: Safety Light Curtains; Safety Mats; Safety Interlock Switches; Profiling Scanners; Optical Sensors; Vehicle Scanners; Level Sensors; and Wireless Data Communications.