Model Number U17-1-RN
Model Description Rotor Nut Type
Linear Actuator
Motor U17-1
Drawing Number list
Pricing U17-1-RN
Maximum Linear Force (lbs) 35
Typical Screw Length (in) 4
Maximum Screw Length
{end free} (in)
Maximum Screw Length
{end supported} (in)
Thread Type 10-32
Lead of Screw (in/turn) 0.03125
Back lash (in) 0.007
Screw Accuracy (in/in) 0.006
Number of Starts 1
Nut Length (in) C/F
C/L of Nut to Face (in) C/F
Screw Efficiency* 40%
* Lubricated Screw
50% of load