Resolver Specifications

Model Option -R
Model Description Factory Mounted Resolver
Available Environment Options All
Drawing Number C/F
Compatible Motor U-series, P-series
Transformation Ratio .954
Input Voltage (VRMS @ 5kHz) 6.5
Output Voltage (VRMS) 6.2 ± 5%
Impedance  ZSO  1064 + j1647
Impedance ZRO 450 + j586
Rotor DC Resistance (Ohms) 83
Stator DC Resistance (Ohms) 143
Maximum Accuracy ± 7 arcmin


Phasing Equation

E(S1-3) = K[E(R1-2)cos α] E(S2-4) = K[E(R1-2)sin α]


Cabled Resolver Assignments (pairs)
R1: Green S1: Red S2: White
R2: Black S3: Black S4: Black




ERD Manual (Rev E) (docx) (pdf)

ERD (with Pots) Tuning Guide (.docx download)

-Reference: RDE manual for previous product


  • Long cable runs supported, up to 500 ft.
  • Rugged construction, protected mounting
  • Good electrical noise immunity--twisted shielded pair cabling
  • Compatible--connects easily to -RDE resolver-to-encoder converter

Feedback Devices

Industrial working environments can be hard on position feedback transducers. Incremental rotary encoders are simple and cost effective in many motion control applications. However, encoders fail under extreme conditions such as high temperature, vacuum, radiation, or shock and vibration.

Brushless Resolvers Survive

Empire Magnetics makes resolver technology easy to apply with rugged motor-mounted resolvers and an easy to use resolver-to-encoder conversion module. Brushless resolvers and available with all Empire Magnetics motor products, providing shaft position information under harsh conditions.

Empire Magnetics mount optional size 11 resolvers on the back end of most Empire motor products, including gearmotors, and motors rated for submersion, vacuum, or radiation. Resolvers on environmental motors carry the same rating as the motors.