Empire Magnetics provides quality motor products designed to perform in environments and applications where ordinary motors are unsuitable. Custom systems and modifications are available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions about Empire Magnetics Business and Services

The Empire Magnetics product line features 1.8o hybrid permanent magnet stepping motors and selected brushless servo motors for positioning applications that demand:

  • Sealed motors for wet, dusty or hazardous environments
  • Specialty motors for vacuum, radiation and extreme temperature operation
  • High-power stepper and servo gearmotors
  • Custom motors and system integration services

Our motor products are constructed from the highest quality materials, and are built to order. More than thirty years of motion control experience, including the latest motion control technologies insure that engineering solutions provided by Empire Magnetics are the best available for your application.

Empire Magnetics products are distributed by a nationwide network of motion control sales professionals. Your local distributor carries the drives and controls, and the accessories needed to build a complete motion control system.

Some years ago engineers at Bettis Plant Machinery Inc. were charged with the task of developing a system for processing nuclear fuel rods. http://www.bpmionline.com/ to replace earlier equipment developed by Westinghouse.

The requirements were exceptionally strict, the units had to be submerged in water, but not corrode. They would be subjected to massive radiation dose, but needed a long life. They would become contaminated to the point where they could never be removed from the process area.They had to be sure than no parts or pieces could come off the unit while they were being handled.


As a result of other positive experiences with Empire Magnetics Inc. The engineers turned to our company to develop a solution: The results of a four year development and testing cycle was the unit shown in the above photo.

This assembly assigned the National stock number: 6105-01-580-1517 Is comprised of a brushless motor, resolver, planetary gearbox all in a stainless steel, oil filled pressure compensated assembly, where the materials are all selected for long term radiation resistance. The assembly has been fitted with brackets to allow remote handling in the process area. https://www.nsncenter.com/NSN/6105-01-580-1517

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