Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the waterproof motors offered by Empire Magnetics completely sealed?

Yes, Empire Magnetics’ waterproof motors have integral housing seals and the motor body is sealed with O-rings. The shaft seals are rated for 15 p.s.i.

What materials are used for the waterproof motor housing, flange, and shaft?

The waterproof motor housing, flange and shaft are composed of 303 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel is available for more corrosive environments such as saltwater.

Are the waterproof motors offered by Empire Magnetics rated for submersion?

No, but submersible versions of all of our waterproof motors are available. The submersible versions include a pressure compensation device.

What is a pressure compensation device and why is it necessary for submersion?

A pressure compensation device equalizes the internal pressure of the motor assembly with the external pressure of the environment. A pressure compensation device is required for submersion applications because of the differential pressures that arise across the shaft seals as a result of thermal cycling and the external fluid pressure. Empire Magnetics typically uses a piston for pressure compensation and the motors are also oil-filled to minimize the effects of thermal cycling (liquids expand and contract less than gases such as air).

What is the IP rating for Empire Magnetics’ waterproof motors?

IP56 (IP58 for the submersible versions).

Does Empire Magnetics provide waterproof type motors for fluids other than water?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. Some examples are nitric acid, acetone, saltwater, cutting fluids and oil.